Alberti’s Night Cocktail

Alberti's Night Cocktail.

This cocktail shows what Strega can do. Used skilfully, it contributes a unique flavour profile. This mixed drink never really became popular. One can only hope that this will change in the future.

50 ml 1776 Rye James E. Pepper
20 ml Strega
1 dash Scrappy’s orange bitters
orange zest

Preparation: Stirred, sprinkle with orange zest.

Alternatively and currently preferred by us:

50 ml Stork Club Straight Rye
20 ml Strega
1 dash orange bitters
orange zest

We got to know and love this mixed drink through Mario Kappes. He served it to us on an evening when we had chosen the theme “Strega” for the drinks menu. This drink shows what Strega can do. It plays a significant role in this drink and pairs wonderfully with the spicy Rye whiskey. It is a minimalistic drink, reduced to the essentials, and not only therefore a must for every educational drinker. It was named after the inventor of Strega, Giuseppe Alberti, whose family has been producing the liqueur since 1860.

Unfortunately, there are far too few mixed drinks that use Strega, and we hope that the Alberti’s Night Cocktail will be a source of inspiration for today’s bartenders to develop more delicious blends with it. We would be very happy to hear about it then.

Who developed this drink, and when, cannot be determined exactly. The internet is silent about it. But we found it in a book from 1977, in Stan Jones’ “Complete Barguide”.

Unfortunately, nothing else can be found, and it looks as if this mixed drink never really became popular. One can only hope that this will change in the future.

  1. Mixology 1/2009, Page 42: Alberti’s Night Cocktail.
Alberti's Night Cocktail.
Alberti’s Night Cocktail.

Historical recipes

1977 Stan Jones: Jones’ Complete Barguide. Page 211. Alberti’s Night Cocktail.

Cocktail Glass Stir
1-3/4 oz whiskey
3/4 oz Strega
1 dash orange bitters

2009 Mixology 1/2009, Page 42. Alberti’s Night Cocktail. 5 cl Old Overholt Rye Whiskey; 2 cl Strega; 1 Dash Orange Bitters. Garnierung: Orangenzeste.

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