Traunstein e Torino

At first glance, the “Traunstein e Torino” is nothing other than a “Milano e Torino” and yet it is more. A great drink that shows what matters.

50 ml Mondino
50 ml Punt e Mes
lemon zest
orange zest

Preparation: Stirred, serve in a tumbler with a large piece of ice and sprinkle with a lemon zest and orange zest.

The “Traunstein e Torino” is a variation of the “Milano e Torino”. The latter is also known as “Americano” and consists of Campari (from Milan) and red vermouth (from Turin). If you now exchange the Campari for Mondino, you get a wonderful drink! Mondino is an amaro from Traunstein, so it is obvious to call the drink “Traunstein e Torino”.

Even if at first glance it seems to be just a simple variation of an existing classic: Here, Jörg Meyer from Le Lion in Hamburg has created an enchanting drink, demonstrating once again what really distinguishes great drinks: They are simple. “Simplicity” is what it’s all about. The mastery lies in limiting oneself to as few ingredients as possible, the sum of which, however, adds up to more than the single ingredients.

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2015 Peter Badenhop: Mehr Mut zum Wermut. Traunstein e Torino. 5 cl Cocchi Vermouth di Torino; 5 cl Mondino; Zitronen- und Orangenzeste getwistet.

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