Sherry is an often underestimated ingredient. The Woolworth shows how tastefully it can be used.

40 ml Talisker 57° whisky
30 ml Lustau manzanilla papirusa
10 ml Bénédictine
2 dash Scrappy’s orange bitters

Preparation: Stirred, spray in the glass with a lemon zest, add the lemon zest to the glass.

Alternatively and currently preferred by us:

40 ml Old Perth whisky
30 ml Lustau manzanilla papirusa sherry
10 ml Bénédictine
2 dashes orange bitters

The Woolworth Building in 1913.
The Woolworth Building in 1913. [3]

The Woolworth was created in autumn 2007 and was developed by John Deragon at the PDT in New York. [6] [8] [9] [10]

Frank Winfield Woolworth.
Frank Winfield Woolworth.[11]

It is named after the Woolworth Building on Broadway in New York City. It was completed in 1913 and, with a height of 241.4 m, was the tallest building in the world until the completion of the Bank of Manhattan Building in 1930. The architect was Cass Gilbert, who built it for Frank Winfield Woolworth. [1] The latter was the founder of the Woolworth department stores’ chain, lived from 1852 to 1919 and built the Woolworth Building as his company headquarters. [2]

Woolworth Building - detail of the spire.
Woolworth Building – detail of the spire. [4]

The building takes Gothic elements and combines them with the modern idea of a high-rise building. Thus, the façade features gargoyles, corner towers and floating supporting pillars. A 28-storey tower is enthroned on a 29-storey substructure. [1]

Sculpture of Frank Winfield Woolworth inside the Woolworth Building.
Sculpture of Frank Winfield Woolworth inside the Woolworth Building. [5]
Woolworth Builing - interior view.
Woolworth Builing – interior view. [6]
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2011 Jim Meehan: Das Geheime Cocktail-Buch. Seite 270. Woolworth. 6 cl Compass Box Asyla Scotch Blend; 3 cl Lustau Manzanilla Papirusa Sherry; 1,5 cl Bénédictine; 2 Spritzer hausgemachter Orangenbitter; Garitur: Zitronenschale.

2013 http://trinklaune.de/2013/03/05/mixing-johnnie-walker-blue-label. Woolworth (John Deragon, 2007).

6 cl Scotch Whisky
3 cl Palo Cortado Sherry (Manzanilla im Original)
1,5 cl Bénédictine
2 dashes Orange bitters
stir – straight – lemon twist

explicit capitulum


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