For all those who not only want to make a duckface, but also want to drink, we have the solution here: a combination of Dubonnet, Calvados and Kina.

25 ml Dubonnet
25 ml Chateau de Breuil VSOP calvados
25 ml Cap Corse blanc

Preparation: Stirred.

The Duckface came about by chance on 29 May 2020. We first drank a La Rafale, then an Angel’s Face. The question was which mixed drink should now follow. Shortly before, Frank Arne told us about a Kalkofe sketch in which he satirises an Instagram influencer and in which “duckface” also plays an important role. Alluding to this sketch, Arne then said in the course of our discussion: “Oh noooo – I’d rather have duckface” – “Ach neeeeee – ich möchte lieber Duckface”.

I couldn’t refuse him this wish and spontaneously prepared a duckface for him. As components, I sensibly chose DUbonnet, Calvados and Kina, and the duck was ready. For the Kina, I chose Cap Corse Blanc. Everything in equal parts. The result convinced us. So sometimes a silly phase is good for something after all.


explicit capitulum


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