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Bar-Vademecum goes global

Bar-Vademecum goes global.

Dear friends,

the Bar-Vademecum is now going global after almost six years! I have translated the texts that are still relevant, and now my blog is also available in English. If you don’t know it yet, I recommend the articles on Negroni (https://bar-vademecum.eu/negroni/), Sazerac (https://bar-vademecum.eu/sazerac-cocktail/) or Manhattan Cocktail (https://bar-vademecum.eu/manhattan-cocktail/), or the series of articles on the origins of the cocktail (https://bar-vademecum.eu/the-origin-of-the-cocktail-part-1-purl-and-stoughtons-bitters) as an introduction. This will give you an idea of the quality standard of my research. You can find a list of digitised books available on the internet at https://bar-vademecum.eu/literature-1/. I would be happy to welcome you as new readers in the future and if you would recommend the blog to others. The German version will be published as usual on https://bar-vaemecum.de, the English version on https://bar-vademecum.eu .



The Bar-Vademecum: Armin Zimmermann.


Hi, I'm Armin and in my spare time I want to promote bar culture as a blogger, freelance journalist and Bildungstrinker (you want to know what the latter is? Then check out "About us"). My focus is on researching the history of mixed drinks. If I have ever left out a source you know of, and you think it should be considered, I look forward to hearing about it from you to learn something new. English is not my first language, but I hope that the translated texts are easy to understand. If there is any incomprehensibility, please let me know so that I can improve it.

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