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Vermouth and Williams – that’s all you need for a successful aperitif.

60 ml Cocchi Americano
30 ml Scheibel Premium Williams

Preparation: Stirred, sprinkle with a lemon zest.

Unfortunately, we can’t tell you much about this aperitif. We got to know it on 25 January 2014 when we attended an event about home bartending at Le Lion. Bettina Kupsa served it to us as an aperitif before the event began.

The name is derived from its ingredients: V(ermouth &) W(illiams). Instead of a “classic” vermouth, we use the Cocchi Americano, as we have come to know the drink. This is not a vermouth in the classic sense, but since it is also made with wormwood herb, the Cocchi Americano can also be considered a vermouth in the broadest sense and is thus still within the range of the recipe. You might certainly also use a classic dry vermouth, but we like it best with a Cocchi Americano.

We went on a search to find out more about the drink. You can find numerous references on the internet, also prepared with equal parts, but nowhere was there a hint as to when the drink originated and to whom it can be attributed. If anyone knows more, we would be delighted to hear about it.

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