Quemada Palabra

When it comes to the numerous delicious variations of the Last Word, Hendrik Albrecht also has something to say: with his exciting mezcal-peach variant.

40 ml Del Maguey Minero mezcal
20 ml Chartreuse verte
20 ml lime juice
20 ml Crème de pêche de vigne de Bourgogne by Cartron

Preparation: Shaken.

Hendrik Albrecht served us this drink at Le Lion on 23 January 2016, shortly after he had developed it. Hendrik told us that he had visited Kleines Phi with Mario Kappes shortly before and that Pät Barten had prepared a mezcal shot with peach liqueur for them there. Inspired by this wonderful combination of flavours, Hendrik then developed this variant of a Last Word. The drink only got a name some time after we were allowed to taste it. “Quemada palabra” means “burnt word” and refers to the smoky aromas of the mezcal and also to the Last Word.

Since we don’t have Brizard’s peach liqueur at hand, but only Cartron’s, we took the liberty of modifying the original recipe in this respect. This also makes a wonderful drink, and you should try it the next time you’re at Le Lion at the latest.


2016 Hendrik Albrecht, Le Lion: 40 ml San Cosme Mezcal, 20 ml Chartreuse grün, 20 ml Limette, 20 ml Pfirsichlikör (Brizard).

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