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Sometimes drinks are born out of a nutty whim. Most of the time they are not really good. This one, however, was an instant success: A wonderful variation on the Knickerbocker, made with Nikka Coffey Malt Whisky.

60 ml Nikka Coffey Malt
20 ml Combier Triple Sec
10 ml D’Arbo raspberry syrup
10 ml lemon juice

Preparation: Shaken, serve in a tumbler filled with small ice cubes.

This drink was born on a whim. We hardly like to say it, but it is what it is. On 8 December 2018, we watched a video recording of Sharknado 6 from the series “Schlechteste Filme aller Zeiten (“Worst Films Ever”), or “Schlefaz” for short, and had quite a good time. For the uninitiated, let it be explained what this is all about. Wikipedia describes it very well, so we will take the liberty of quoting from it:

“Die schlechtesten Filme aller Zeiten [The Worst Films Ever] … is a satirical film series on the private channel Tele 5. In it, B-movies that stand out due to their particularly bad production or unintentionally funny ideas are introduced by Oliver Kalkofe and Peter Rütten, provided with commentary and presented. These films themselves are called Schlefaze. The films are introduced by the presenters during the broadcast and provided with biting comments, which are then intercut. At the beginning of each episode, the viewer is introduced to the film by the presenters. In addition, information about the actors, the director and other facts about the film are presented in a humorous way. In addition, a special cocktail is created or presented for each film, the composition or name of which has a connection to the film. In connection with this, a drinking game is usually introduced. For example, the viewers of the film Sharknado should drink a cocktail every time a flying shark is seen. During the film, pop-ups provide background information on the respective scene or remind viewers of the drinking game.” [1]

– „Die schlechtesten Filme aller Zeiten … ist eine satirische Filmreihe des Privatsenders Tele 5. Darin werden B-Filme, die sich durch besonders schlechte Machart oder unfreiwillig komische Einfälle auszeichnen, von Oliver Kalkofe und Peter Rütten vorgestellt, mit Kommentaren versehen und präsentiert. Diese Filme selbst werden Schlefaze genannt. Die Filme werden im Rahmen der Ausstrahlung von den Moderatoren vorgestellt und mit bissigen Kommentaren versehen, die dann dazwischengeschnitten werden. Zu Beginn jeder Folge wird der Zuschauer von den Moderatoren auf den Film eingestimmt. Dazu werden Informationen zu den Schauspielern, dem Regisseur und andere Fakten rund um den Film in humorvoller Art und Weise aufbereitet. Zusätzlich wird zu jedem Film ein besonderer Cocktail kreiert oder vorgestellt, dessen Zusammensetzung oder Name einen Bezug zum Film haben. In Verbindung damit wird meist ein Trinkspiel eingeführt. So sollten z. B. die Zuschauer des Films Sharknado jedes Mal einen Cocktail trinken, sobald ein fliegender Hai zu sehen ist. Während des Films werden in Pop-Ups Hintergrundinformationen zur jeweiligen Szene gegeben oder an das Trinkspiel erinnert.“ [1]

Sharknado 6 at Schlefaz. The presenters enjoying the drink Hai-Tai-Juhu-Endlich-Vorbei-Opai.
Sharknado 6 at Schlefaz. The presenters enjoying the drink Hai-Tai-Juhu-Endlich-Vorbei-Opai. [2]

This is what happened with Sharknado 6. In the drinking game, the presenters took a drink called Hai-Tai-Juhu-Endlich-Vorbei-Opai. This name actually cannot be translated adequately. There is a reference to the Mai Tai, and “Hai” means Shark. “Juju, endlich vorbei” means “Yay, finally over”, and “Opai” is just for the rhyme. One should take a drink at every time travel or strange anomaly that may be caused by one. While the movie flickered across our monitor, we always had a glass in front of us, because who can resist the presenters’ drinking instructions without a guilty conscience? We were in the process of trying out different drinks and mixing them. But at some point our supply dried up, because we had no more suitable candidates. So we started thinking about what to drink. The Sharknado series of Schlefaz provided us with the inspiration. The cocktails drunk to accompany the various Sharknado episodes had been these in the previous episodes: Hai Tai Haiopai, Hai Tai Zwaiopai, Hai Tai Draiopai, Hai Tai Zwaimalzwaiopai, Hai Tai Haiaiaiaiopai, and in the current film it was the Hai-Tai-Juhu-Endlich-Vorbei-Opai. [1]

The names of these drinks drunk by the presenters unmistakably refer to the Mai Tai, which we appreciate very much. In the film, time portals were used to jump back and forth, so in my imagination I simply jumped from the Mai Tai and its time of origin into the past, to the Mai Tai of the 19th century, the Knickerbocker, so to speak. So, inspired by all the nonsense in the film, I said to Frank Arne, when we were once again asked by subtitle to have a drink and the glass had just been emptied, now you have to have a Nikka-Bocker. Just doing a Knickerbocker didn’t seem funny enough to us. We liked the play on words, so of course we were eager to get the drink that went with it. So I immediately mixed us a Knickerbocker with Nikka whiskey instead of rum. The Nikka Single Barrel is not so suitable, but the Nikka Coffey Malt very much so. A new favourite was born. Related to the Knickerbocker, but still going in a different direction because of the whisky. Enjoy it, even if you’re not watching Sharknado 6.

  1. Die schlechtesten Filme aller Zeiten.
  2. The photo was kindly provided by Tele 5.

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