While searching for drinks with Swedish Punch, we came across this preparation with Quinquina and tequila.

40 ml Cap Corse Blanc
20 ml Cuervo Reserva de la Familia Platino Tequila
15 ml Revolte Swedish Punch

Preparation: Stirred.

Alternatively and currently preferred by us:

40 ml Cap Corse Blanc
20 ml Cuervo Reserva de la Familia Platino Tequila
20 ml Carlshamns Flaggpunch

They still exist, the forgotten, unknown mixed drinks that never really became known. Metaxa is one of them. Certainly not one of the great classics, but overall a coherent, tasty mixture.

In search of recipes that use Swedish Punch, we looked through old books to see what people used to do with it. We came across the Metaxa in R. de Fleury’s book “1800 – And All That”, which was published in London in 1937. Perhaps it was already published in 1934, in “1700 Cocktails for the Man Behind the Bar”, written by the same author. However, we do not have this book, so we cannot verify it.

The creator of the Metaxa is said to be T. E. Mounger or T. E. Mouncer. Unfortunately, we cannot find out who this is. It is also unclear why Metaxa was chosen as the name. It will probably not be a reference to the Greek brandy of the same name. Perhaps, however, the drink is dedicated to a person with the surname Metaxa? [1] [2]

We have adapted the recipe a little and roughly doubled the proportion of Swedish Punch. Otherwise, its characteristics are lost. Furthermore, we have chosen a different Quinquina instead of the original Kina Lillet. (Kina) Lillet has certainly changed its character over time. Originally it still contained the quinine that gave it its name, but this ingredient was removed from Lillet in 1985. Today, it is said to contain quinine again. [2] Nevertheless, we have chosen another Quinquina, because we like the Cap Corse very much and it has proven itself as a mixing ingredient.

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Historical recipes

1937 R. de Fleury: 1800 – And All That. Seite 80. Metaxa.

Copyright by
T. E. Mounger
1/4 Tequila
1/2 Kina Lillet
1 Teaspoonful Swedish

1937 William J. Tarling: Café Royal Cocktail Book. Metexa.

Invented by
J. E. Mouncer
1/4 Tequila.
1/4 Swedish Punch.
1/2 Lillet.

explicit capitulum


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