Hazlenut Alexander

Hazlenut Alexander.

A delicious seduction. The praliné of cocktail art. The crowning glory of the Alexander family: the Hazlenut Alexander.

40 ml Vallendar Haselnuß „Das Original“
20 ml Dutch Cacao
20 ml cream

Preparation: Shaken.

Alternatively and currently preferred by us:

40 ml Hiebl Piemonteser Haselnussgeist
Homemade Crème de Cacao (3 parts Hiebl Schokogeist : 2 parts sugar syrup (2:1))
20 ml cream

This delicacy was thought up by Mario Kappes, who has been propagating the use of eau de vies (Obstbrand and Geist) in the bar for years.

Even if this drink does not seem really innovative and original at first glance – it is nothing more than a variation of the Alexander Cocktail – this composition shows a masterful play with the flavours of the ingredients used. This composition is simply brilliant. For us, the crowning glory of the Alexanders!

It should be mentioned that there are other drinks with the same name that use brandy, hazelnut liqueur and other ingredients, but our favourite is this version with hazelnut distillate.

Hazlenut Alexander.
Hazlenut Alexander.

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