After the Amber Cocktail, Hendrik Albrecht enriches the bar world with his Escrimador. We report on how it is prepared and how it got its name.

70 ml Don Papa rum (7 years)
20 ml lime juice
20 ml Crème de mûres by Gabriel Boudier
4 mint sprig tips*

Preparation: Shaken, serve in a tumbler with ice cubes and garnish with mint (* it is important not to use too much mint so that the drink does not become too bitter).

Last Saturday, 24 October 2015, Hendrik Albrecht served us his latest drink, the delicious Escrimador, at Le Lion in Hamburg.

Its name is derived from the rum used, which was named “Don Papa” in memory of Dionisio Magbuelas, a Filipino freedom fighter whose fighting name was “Papa Isio”. On the other hand, Escrima is a traditional Filipino martial art whose name derives from the Spanish term “esgrima”, meaning “to fence”. An escrimador is someone who practices this martial art, as does Mario Kappes, bar manager of the Le Lion. Three good reasons to give this drink the name “Escrimador”.

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