The Lowlands

“The Lowlands” by Chi-Ho Ta shows that jenever is an often underrated spirit that deserves more attention. He skilfully puts jenever in the limelight.

35 ml Rutte Old Simon jenever
25 ml Cocchi Americano
25 ml Kina L’Avion d’Or

Preparation: Stirred.

“The Lowlands” is a drink by Chi-Ho Ta from the Dr. in Rotterdam, which we got to know this year at the Bar Convent Berlin.

Its naming has something to do with the way the menus are designed at the Dr.. Every two to three months, a new menu is created with up to ten new drinks. Each of these menus has its own theme, for example Christmas, Halloween, or the International Film Festival Rotterdam. There are a lot of festivals in Holland, so last summer they decided to choose these as themes for a menu. For example, a milkshake-like drink was created for the Milkshake Festival and a tropical tiki drink for the Zomercarneval, a kind of Caribbean carnival.

The Lowlands Festival could not be missing from the menu, as it is one of the biggest and most famous festivals in Holland. This three-day music festival takes place every year in August, and with over 90,000 visitors it can already be considered a classic. Accordingly, the drink of the same name is also a twist on a classic, the Negroni. The classic combination of juniper, bitters and vermouth is skilfully transformed into something new: the best juniper spirit of The Lowlands (read: The Netherlands) is combined with bitter and vermouth spirits that also do not correspond to the classic Negroni recipe. With the Lowland, a great drink has been created. We can only congratulate Chi-Ho Ta on this.

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