The Berlin Years: New insights into Harry Johnson

Harry Johnson in Berlin.

Harry Johnson is one of the most influential bartenders in history. His biography seemed to be clarified. However, I have found previously unknown official documents, due to which his biography must be rewritten. From the documents of his wife Martha it appears that Harry Johnson must have been married at the same time not only to her, but also to his first wife Bertha. In any case, the official documents do not allow any other conclusion. Read more about this at

For my English-speaking readers, please note: More questions have arisen and I amcontinuing to research. Once the research is complete, you’ll read everything in English translation on my blog. If you are very curious, I kindly ask you to translate the post on Mixology with, because all the important documents are quoted in it.




Hi, I'm Armin and in my spare time I want to promote bar culture as a blogger, freelance journalist and Bildungstrinker (you want to know what the latter is? Then check out "About us"). My focus is on researching the history of mixed drinks. If I have ever left out a source you know of, and you think it should be considered, I look forward to hearing about it from you to learn something new. English is not my first language, but I hope that the translated texts are easy to understand. If there is any incomprehensibility, please let me know so that I can improve it.

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