Quincy. © Le Lion - Swetlana Holz

This drink by Jan-Phillip Fricke successfully combines Ferdinand’s quince gin with Rhum Agricole, Bénédictine and Corsican quinquina.

30 ml Neisson blanc 50% rhum agricole
30 ml Ferdinand’s Saar quince gin
15 ml Bénédictine
15 ml Mattei Cap Corse blanc
 Orange zest (stirred)

Preparation: Stir everything (including the orange zest), serve in a tumbler with a large piece of ice.

Quincy. © Le Lion - Swetlana Holz
Quincy. © Le Lion – Swetlana Holz

This drink was created by Jan-Phillip Fricke at Le Lion. in Hamburg in July 2017. As is sometimes the case, finding a name was not so easy, so on 17 July, a call went out via Facebook to suggest a suitable name. There were 40 suggestions, and on 20 July it was decided that the name Quincy, which refers to the quince in the drink, was the one proposed by Alexander Jacobsen. [1] [2] There is not much more we can tell you about this drink, except that it is really worth tasting!

At Le Lion, they use the Cuvée de l’Ocean from Trois Revieres, whereas we opted for the rhum agricole blanc from Neisson with an alcohol content of 50 vol%.

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4. August 2017, Le Lion. Quincy. 30 ml Trois Rivieres Cuvée de L’Océan, 30 ml Ferdinand’s Saar Quince, 15 ml Bénédictine, 15 ml Mattei Cap Corse Blanc, Orangenzeste (mitgerührt)

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