Jamaica Mule

Jamaica Mule.

It doesn’t always have to be a Gin Buck or a Moscow Mule. You can vary the Buck and Mule theme with different spirits. A particularly successful composition is Jamaican rum and ginger beer.

30 ml Smith & Cross Rum
10 ml Wray & Nephew Overproof Rum
10 ml lemon juice
70 ml Fever Tree Ginger Beer

Preparation: Stirred in a highball glass.

This Mule is a variation with rum. We had already dealt with the Gin Buck. It is the oldest Buck, and we had shown that it is to be prepared with ginger ale. The Mule is descended from the Bucks. The Mule differs from a Buck in that ginger beer is used. The first Mule was the Moscow Mule.

When using a strong ginger beer, it is important that it is given a strong companion. Jamaican rum, with its strong ester flavours, is particularly suitable. We decided on a blend of Smith & Cross and Wray & Nephew. This blend is also our favourite combination for a Mai Tai. The Smith & Cross brings strong base notes that are excellently complemented by the floral aromas of the Wray & Nephew.

It is amazing that we have not found such a combination in this form in the old recipe books. Of course there are Rum Bucks, but the combination suggested here with a strong, spicy ginger beer is not explicitly mentioned.

Jamaica Mule.
Jamaica Mule.

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