East Village Athletic Club Cocktail

East Village Athletic Club.

The Last Word Cocktail is the origin of numerous variations. One of them is the “East Village Athletic Club Cocktail” by Jim Meehan, John Deragon and Don Lee from the PDT Bar in New York. A tequila drink at its best.

45 ml Cuervo Reserva de la Familia platino tequila
15 ml Grand Marnier
15 ml Chartreuse yellow
20 ml lemon juice

Preparation: Shaken, single strained.

There are numerous drinks derived from the Last Word. The “East Village Athletic Club Cocktail” is one of them. Ted Saucier first described the Last Word in 1951. He states that this drink originated from the Detroit Athletic Club. [1] [2]

In the spring of 2008, Jim Meehan, John Deragon and Don Lee played with the recipe of the Last Word in the New York PDT Bar and developed a new cocktail from it. This was named after the neighbourhood in which the bar is located, “East Village”, in reference to the place of origin of the Last Word cocktail. [1] [3]

The Last Word uses equal parts gin, lime juice, Chartreuse Verte and Maraschino. Blanco tequila was exchanged for gin, lemon juice for lime juice, Chartreuse Jaune for Chartreuse Verte, Grand Marnier for maraschino and the proportions changed. But the basic structure of the Last Word is still recognisable: a spirit combined with citrus juice, Chartreuse and a fruit liqueur.

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East Village Athletic Club.
East Village Athletic Club.


2012 Jim Meehan: Das geheime Cocktail-Buch. Seite 112. East Village Athletic Club Cocktail. 4,5 cl Siembra Azul Blanco Tequila; 2 cl Zitronensaft; 1,5 cl Chartreuse Jaune; 1,5 cl Grand Marnier. Jim John, Don, Frühling 2008.

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