This is one of our beloved tequila drinks. We were served it in 2014 by Bettina Kupsa, then still at Le Lion. A delicious drink that we don’t want to deprive you of.

60 ml Sierra Milenario extra añejo tequila
2 Barlöffel Bonne Maman plum jam
10 ml Meneau orgeat
20 ml lime juice

Preparation: Shaken, serve in a tumbler on ice.

This drink was created by Bettina Kupsa, [1] [2] before she opened the Chug Club. She named it after a Mexican woman’s name, originally from the Greek. Αγαπητος (Agápētos) came into Italian and Spanish via the Latin agapitus. It derives from αγάπη (agápē = love) and αγαπητος (agapētós = beloved). [3] [4] [5] [6] So the meaning of agapita is “the beloved.” [8]

A truly fitting name for this rather feminine tequila drink, especially since, according to legend, the agave from which tequila is made grew from the bones of the goddess Mayahuel when her lover Quetzalcoatl buried them and watered them with his tears. So the agave, and thus the tequila, is the result of a great love, just as this drink is the result of Betty’s great love for tequila.[7]


http://www.jrgmyr.com/2014/07/sommer-2014-die-fantastische.html: [1] Agapita.

60 ml Añejo oder aber Extra Añejo Tequila
10 ml Oregat von Maison Meneau (alles andere ist halbe Höhe…)
20 ml Limettensaft
2 Barlöffel Pflaumenmus
Shake, Strain, im Tumbler auf großen Eisstück servieren.

http://betty-barbetty.blogspot.de/2015/02/agapita-6-cl-extra-anejo-tequila-1-cl.html: [2] Agapita.

6 cl Extra Anejo Tequila
1 cl Maison Meneau Orgeat
2 cl Limette
2 BL Pflaumenmus
Shaken und im Tumbler auf Eis
(am liebsten großes – aber kein Muss)

In both recipes it says “Pflaumenmus”. However, as Betty assured us, this does not mean the classic, strongly spiced plum jam, because this is too intense. She herself used the Bonne Maman jam we specified.
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