Harry Johnson’s second marriage certificate found!

Harry Johnsons Marriage Certificate.

I have found an extraordinarily important document that is unknown until now! Please help to decipher it!

Harry Johnson, born on August 28, 1845, died in Berlin on January 5, 1930. He was married to Anna Agnes Martha Johnson, née Zühlsdorff. They had married in New York on Nov. 14, 1907. Martha was born on 24 December 1880 in Berlin. Her parents were August Wilhelm Zühlsdorff and Anna Friedericke Zühlsdorff, née Meyer. So it is attested by the registry office in Berlin.

I was able to find the marriage certificate in New York. It raises questions – which I will answer at a later date. But first I need your help. It is extremely important to decipher the document accurately. I am having difficulty doing so, please help me fill in the blanks! Swarm intelligence is certainly helpful here, and one of you is certainly familiar with American script and can read it better than I can. Thank you very much!

Some parts I think I can read, but maybe I’m wrong and I don’t want to lead you astray. It is definitely the correct marriage entry, because the document was issued on November 14, 1907, it marries Harry Johnson and Martha Zühlsdorff, and Martha’s birth date is 12/24/1880, her parents August Zühlsdorff and Anna Meie[r].

This is the certificate to decipher:

1907 - Marriage Record 1.

1907 - Marriage Record 2.


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